Thursday, May 9, 2013


Since not everyone know about Manglish, we have decided to make a video on Manglish which is Malaysian English or also known as Bahasa Rojak. Enjoy!
This is a poster specially designed by my groupmates and I for our Intructional Technology subject. We chose this theme as the election is just around the corner and we find that it is our best time to advise all the voters out there to make the best decision. InsyaAllah. :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013


The development of teaching and learning has been an interactive yet effective way in delivering the knowledge to the students. There are many significant benefits that we can learn from the features in blog to ourselves and to the readers from the students site. As the world evolves, it seems that the usage of technology has been spread and widely used in the field of education. There are many features of the blog that we can find it as beneficial but at the same time some of them can give harm to us too. For example, we can always use the blog's features consists of picture, video, audio, widgets, links, comments and also the graphic banner to make our teaching and learning become efficient.


- As we all know, the students are more attracted to pictures rather than words. By using the blog, we can easily put as many pictures as we like to teach something to our students without having worried that they might feel bored. The usage of pictures and sometimes the animated pictures make the students become more interested to learn something.


- By using blog, we can also put the educational video in it not just from Youtube but also the blog that we made by ourselves. For example, as for me as an English teacher, when I'm teaching the use of countable and uncountable nouns, rather than just bringing the realia in class, I can use the video of cartoons showing and compare the nouns.


- As for audio, we cannot directly put the audio in our blog, but we have to embed it first. But not to worry as there are always site or online software that we can use in embedding our audio that we are going to use in making the teaching and learning process succeed.


- Widgets are another features of blog that helps us to help the students. For example, there are widgets of educational games that we cam embed in our blog and also, there are informational widgets such as clock, calendar and prayer time that will indirectly teach the student to appreciate time more.


- What is meant by the usage of links in our blog here is, sometimes, we need to give further explanation on something related to what we are going to deliver in our particular post and the best way to do that is by giving links related to the post. For example, we can easily link our post to the file in Scribd or Slideshare without the student having to open the main page first before they can open the file.


- Comments in blog is not that efficient compared to the way we can comment in Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes, there are blogs that need approval of the owner of the blog first to comment or we need to follow them first so that we can comment on the post. We have to sign in to our email first for the notifications of the comments so it is harder for the students as new learners to do so each time they want to comment on something.


- Banner is also important as it gives the first impression of the reader from the students because if the banner looks boring without any graphic features, the students will automatically assume that the posts or the contents will also look dull as the banner.

:: F.O.O.T.N.O.T.E ::
-The way we teach reflects the way of our creative mind works and we will also produce creative students onwards. InsyaAllah. :) 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

How we can apply the three learning theories in teaching

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
In the name of the Most Merciful, I would like to start this post.
Alright, as been mentioned before, I have made my decision to devote myself as a teacher. So, we have been exposed to many theories by Western and Islamic philosophers to be applied in our teaching and learning sessions in our class soon, insyaAllah.

Basically, there are three learning theories that we have learned, which are :
1) Behaviorism
2) Cognitivism
3) Constructivism
- Behaviorist used the concept of 'blackbox' for the students which means that they have no basic knowledge.
-They use the method of 'punishment+reward' for the student.
-There is also the usage of repitition in the learning process in this theory.
-The behaviorist for this theory are Pavlov, Skinner and Bloom.
#As a teacher, we can always apply this theory by using the 'punishment+reward' for the students during our teaching. For example, during the English class, after the particular lesson being taught on that day, the teacher can give a very simple exercise to test their comprehension on the lesson and then for those who manage to answer all correctly, they will be given some candies and for those who make the mistakes more than three will have to do corrections by repeating the answer for 10 times.
-Unlike behaviorist, cognitivist does not use the concept of 'blackbox'.
-They believed that the students have schemata which is the background knowledge before they enter the class.
-Piaget is one of the cognitivists who used this theory.
#As teachers, we can always make an interesting induction set by asking questions for the students about the background knowledge that they might have relate to what they are going to learn on that day. This method can actualy stimulate the student's interest and confidence before they start to go through the lessons.
-Constructivist also does not use the concept of 'blackbox'.
-It is all about to create new ideas or develop something new of the students.
-Some of the constructivist are Bruner and John Dewey.
#As a good teacher, we should always give the chance to the students to create the own genuine new idea so that we can discover their covert personality and talents. For example, before the lesson ends, the teacher can call out the students to make a role play in groups to make them revise their lesson on that day. More, during Science class, the students can be given the opportunity to recreate their own experiments or their new inventions.
::F O O T N O T E::
  •  Although it is believed that each of the theories do have its own benefits and weaknesses in our education field, we should always try to embed and combine all of the theories during our teaching sessions soon so that our lessons would be effective yet interactive. Good luck! :)

A piece of INTRO.

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Assalamualaikum to all... :)
Hi! Bonjour! Ohaiyo!
  • First of all i'm Farhana binti Khalid. F-A-R-H-A-N-A.
  • I'm a TEASL student of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
  • I'm 22 and I'm from Penang, Malaysia.
  • I'm a very happy-go-lucky person but if and only if you know me well because i seemed to look quiet for the strangers.
  • I love English and kids but kids love me more.haha. :P
  • I love art and anime especially.
  • My beautiful mom is a teacher while my handsome dad is a fireman. :)
  • I'm the eldest child out of 2 siblings. My brother is 10 years old.
  • I have made myself clear as crystal clear that I will become a good contented teacher.insyaAllah.
  • But 1 thing for sure and will never be changed - I'M A MUSLIM FOREVERMORE!
  • subhanallah.alhamdulillah.allahuakbar.